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Customer Trust in the Clouds

October 1, 2019


Modern planes have come a very long way since the first commercial flight in 1914. Approximately 87,000 flights travel across the US every day, carrying passengers who expect the same level of device connectivity and as they get on the ground. Deneen DeFiore, SVP & CSO at GE Aviation, stresses the importance of maintaining customer trust and business reputation through diligence in cyber assurance and safety operations.

One of the things that we're trying to do is really look at, 'How do we secure that supply chain and ecosystem a little bit differently?' So, we're taking a lot of approaches, right? Not only from assurance of cybersecurity, like everyone does around assessments and risk assignment to suppliers, but we're also looking at cyber assurance as part of the product they deliver to us. We're looking at technologies across the board that can really, if we're buying software or chips or some other hardware? Looking at technologies that can provide assurance that those products were designed to our specifications from a cyber quality perspective. So, that's a little bit different than what I'm seeing some of the organizations take approach to cybersecurity, but it's something that I think will allow us to get ahead of the threat and make sure that we are detecting any presence of compromised software or counterfeited hardware, things like that.
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Deneen DeFiore

Deneen DeFiore is vice president and chief information security officer for United Airlines.

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