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Criminal Intentions

April 6, 2020


Although we tend to portray cybersecurity as black-and-white, good vs. bad, digital forensics and incident response investigations have revealed that it’s much more complicated. Brian chats with Cindy Murphy, President & Founder of Tetra Defense (formerly Gillware Digital Forensics), about her start in law enforcement, reacting to ransomware attackers, and the mindset of a business leader.

“A lot of these less professional ransomers are working nine to five jobs for somebody else and they think they're doing a security job. And so I think there's this cultural divide across which, sort of, we're the right side up world or maybe they think they are. And there's this alternate shadow world at the other end where we think of each other as the bad guys.”
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Cindy Murphy

Cindy Murphy, M. Sc. is the President of Tetra Defense (formerly Gillware Digital Forensics), a digital forensics, incident response and cyber risk management firm based in Madison, Wisconsin.

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