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A Competitive Field

March 23, 2020


People love Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions for being an excellent way to put your hacking skills to the test – not only is it a lot of fun, but it forces you to use the skills you may learn in a classroom or course setting to real-world situations. Kaitlyn Bestenheider, analyst at Tevora, dives into her passion for cryptography and CTFs, core skills needed, and shares her advice for others looking to enter the field.

In the classroom you get the perfect command to run on the perfect system to get the perfect result, to answer your test correctly. But in the real world, you're never going to go up against a perfect system and you have to actually understand what you're doing and be able to adapt to the environment you're in. And I think cyber competitions first and foremost offer you that opportunity.
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Kaitlyn Bestenheider

Kaitlyn works as a Senior Information Security Associate at Tevora and as the Chief Player Ambassador for the National Cyber League.

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