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Common Sense Risk Management

March 9, 2020


Headline-worthy breaches seem to be hitting organizations far too often, causing organizations to second-guess their current security controls and procedures. While it’s a good thing to make sure you’re prepared, Heather Engel, Managing Partner at Strategic Cyber Partners, recommends assessing the situation from a risk perspective. She and Brian talk types of risk and the art of managing it.

We very often are hearing stories from a headline-grabbing perspective and they're designed to inspire fear or to inspire you to buy a product or to generate some outrage and so, what we really need to do is step back. And very often when we identify what the worst thing that could happen is then we can work backwards, right, and decide how outraged or how concerned we should really be. And I think that that's really missing from the conversation today, which is why I really enjoy working on the risk management side of cybersecurity.
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Heather Engel

Heather Engel is a strategic leader in cyber security innovation through risk-based process management.

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