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Cloud Policy and Evolving Tools

November 19, 2019


A thorough understanding of the core fundamental principles is critical for those building a career in cybersecurity. Adam Fletcher, CISO at Blackstone, argues that cloud security now falls into that list -- developing a policy or translating a tool to cloud requires extensive knowledge, experience, and leadership skills. He and Brian discuss case-by-case scenarios and how to expand and develop your team given the industry-wide talent shortage.

It's increasingly hard to find good security people but it's much more increasingly hard to find good cloud security people, which means we really have to build them. We have to find ways to free up our teams to understand and learn how to secure the cloud. And it's up-skilling them using existing tools, using existing training, using the products that the cloud providers are releasing, and giving them the ability to really learn it and spend time on it, you know, is going to be hugely beneficial to us as well as to them.
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Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher, CISM, is the CISO for Blackstone and has worked with global security organizations large and small including McAfee, Nokia, VeriSign, ISS, and Accuvant.

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