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Cloud Migration: The Golden Rules

November 5, 2019


Cloud security continues to attract more organizations seeking for better storage, but the prospect of data leakage hold some back from joining the bandwagon. Steve Lodin, Sr. Director of Cyber Operations at Sallie Mae, shares his “golden rules” for introducing it to your organization, advice for a bullet-proof migration, and lessons learned from decades of working in corporate security.

It's a no brainer for all small and medium companies to move to the cloud. I continue to see a major shift for applications and infrastructure to move there, too, approaching that 90% range, maybe a pie in the sky. But where this goes after that is it seems to have an impact on the government and the regulatory views regarding monopolistic behavior and critical infrastructure.
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Steve Lodin

Steve Lodin is the Senior Director of Cyber Security Operations in Corporate Security at Sallie Mae, where he's focused on managing perimeter security, endpoint protection, application security, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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