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Bouncing Back: Advice for Minimizing Reputational Damage from a Breach

March 16, 2020


Strong cybersecurity leadership is truly tested when the organization is breached and when it comes to recovering from the damage, the response and public handling of the situation is just as important as the attack itself. Brian meets with Siobhan Gorman, Partner at communications firm Brunswick Group and former Wall Street Journal correspondent, who provides listeners with key takeaways and lessons learned from incidents past.

“Leaders need to be particularly prepared for the fact that you're really not going to know very much about what happened, who did it, what got stolen, or what broke down. At a point where you may have to start communicating about it. And it may be to business partners, it may not be publicly, but you still need to be able to demonstrate that you're on top of it even when you don't know very much. And that's a very uncomfortable place for corporate leaders to find themselves.”
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Siobhan Gorman

Siobhan Gorman is a Partner in the Washington, DC, office of Brunswick Group, where she concentrates on crisis, cybersecurity, public affairs, and media relations.

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