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Boost Your Security Confidence

March 23, 2020


Most consumers today can learn how to use technology devices pretty quickly, but the security features used to protect them on it can often seem complicated and intimidating to the user. Former Ann Arbor county elected official and current CEO & President of Cybercrime Support Network Kristin Judge strives to help people feel confident in an “everyday” knowledge of security and provides resources for victims of cybercrime.

“I'll say, ‘Did you give your 16-year-old keys to a car before they went to Driver's Ed?’ I mean, and I know my kids had hours behind the wheel, they sat in classes, they had to get a permit, they had to practice. But we give people access to these watches, and phones, and computers that can do so many things with no security training.”
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Kristin Judge

Kristin founded the nonprofit Cybercrime SupportNetwork and works with federal, state and local law enforcement and consumer protection agencies to help consumers and small businesses affected by cybercrime.

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