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Air Time With Dave Ockwell-Jenner

October 29, 2018


Brian Contos straps in with Dave Ockwell-Jenner of SITA, the world's leading air transport IT and communications specialist. Having worked in IT and aviation for about 25 years, Dave explains what makes the air transportation industry unique, perspectives that executives have toward cybersecurity, and the challenges and opportunities that analysts face as they navigate today’s threats.

If you think about trying to defend against cyber threats in a company that's maybe three offices in one country, that's one problem that you need to solve. Scale that up to every airport in the world. That suddenly becomes a much more difficult and different problem to solve.
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Dave Ockwell-Jenner

Dave Ockwell-Jenner is Senior Manager of the Security Threat and Operational Risk Management team at SITA, one of the largest information technology distribution solutions company for air transport.

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