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Addressing Talent Shortage with Abroad Education

March 30, 2020


To address the global cyber talent shortage, we must expand our outreach efforts to offer education to women and girls in third-world countries. Eileen Brewer travels to remote parts of the world equipped with a suitcase full of motherboards to teach computer workshops and inspire future engineers. She describes how listeners can get involved in similar programs and make a difference in helping to diversify the industry.

“We talk about all the different types of engineering jobs, ‘cause often in some regions they've heard the word engineer and they've been told to become an engineer. Like we used to hear people used to being told to become a doctor or a lawyer. Those are the only good jobs, you know, and now they're being told, become an engineer but they have no idea what that means. And so, we'll spend time talking to them about the difference between software engineer, hardware, civil, architectural, electrical, mechanical, you know, on and on and their eyes just light up.”
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Eileen Brewer

Eileen has 20 years experience in Silicon Valley, with the most recent years at Symantec, making cyber security products. She

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