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A Teen’s Guide to Building Smart Cyber Habits

October 7, 2019


Today’s teens interact daily with technology more than ever before. Ease of access to the online world for things such as streaming, social media, and shopping comes with the big responsibility to develop smart computer habits early in life. This episode features the series’ youngest guest to date: seventh grader Athena Contos, who shares personal examples of cyber carelessness, foundational tips for building good habits, and more.

Parents should really let their kids be aware of cyberbullying and things that can happen online and to make sure that they're staying safe. But they can also personally make an account on social media so that they can follow their child and see what they're posting.
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Athena Contos

Athena Contos is 12 years old, a seventh grader, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a competitive fencer and she has a derpy German Shepherd named Baxter. Athena has seen firsthand the effects cyberbullying can have and wanted to share some tips for kids and parents.

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