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A Higher Standard for Patient Safety

December 6, 2018


Security analyst and outdoors enthusiast Tim Waldo examines the lingering effects of malware attacks like WannaCry in the healthcare sector and exposes disturbing trends that are putting patient data at risk to future outbreaks. Tim offers precise steps that organizations can take to dramatically improve the technologies and policies safeguarding sensitive information.

[DLP] is definitely not like a car where you can go buy one, hop in it, turn the key and start it, and drive off. You have to tune your DLP, be that an email gateway or a DLP preventing somebody from using the USB key to download data. The software out there now is way smarter than it used to be and it captures that stuff and lets you know about it, but you have to tune it.
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Tim Waldo

Tim Waldo, SOC Analyst at Fortified Health Security and former Security Consultant at Leidos holds a degree in Software Engineering and Masters of Science from the University of Phoenix and Lewis University, respectively.

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