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A Gamer’s Influence on DDoS

March 30, 2020


For gamers and users heavily dependent on high-traffic internet platforms, loss of service is destructive--and can be symptomatic of a greater distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Charter Communications VP Mary Haynes goes in depth into its evolution over the years, tactics for mitigation, and how some gamers inadvertently end up worsening the situation.

“As these attacks grow, these attackers are finding new ways to warp ISPs protection mechanisms. And so it's a daily battle that we're fighting every day. But it gets really no publicity because in many cases, many of the service providers are protecting their customers and they don't even know it. We are putting a lot of dirty traffic out there because of these, in many times it's just gamers, trying to knock off another gamer and they don't realize the destruction they're causing.”
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Mary Haynes

Mary Haynes is the Vice President of Network Security Operations at Charter Communications and currently leads the network security program for Charter’

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