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A Culture-Centric Approach to Managing Cyber Talent

January 22, 2019


The industry-wide talent shortage makes it challenging to attract and retain top cybersecurity talent — analysts often operate understaffed and overwhelmed by the ever-growing volume of alerts to sort through. Kevin Morrison, CISO at Pulte Group, Inc. examines his culture-centric approach to structuring cybersecurity staff, maximizing skill-set efficiencies, and aligning the success of his program to core business objectives.

While technical knowledge and experience are still important, I've learned to look first and foremost at whether the person has the social skills to fit well into the culture and whether they truly see security as a service, which I'm a big proponent of. If they have that and a decent technical background and the aptitude to learn, I'll take that person any day over the most technically savvy candidate.
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