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People and Process
December 17, 2019

Find Your Tribe

Category One
episode guest:
Rick McElroy

Even in an exciting cybersecurity career, long work hours, a seemingly constant sense of urgency, and often high dependency on certain roles can be a cause of extreme stress if not well managed. Rick McElroy, head of Security Strategy at Carbon Black, advocates for mental health resources within the workplace and emphasizes the importance of unplugging, exploring hobbies, and finding your support tribe.

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November 19, 2019

Cloud Policy and Evolving Tools

Category Four
episode guest:
Adam Fletcher

A thorough understanding of the core fundamental principles is critical for those building a career in cybersecurity. Adam Fletcher, CISO at Blackstone, argues that cloud security now falls into that list -- developing a policy or translating a tool to cloud requires extensive knowledge, experience, and leadership skills. He and Brian discuss case-by-case scenarios and how to expand and develop your team given the industry-wide talent shortage.

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November 5, 2019

Cloud Migration: The Golden Rules

Category Three
episode guest:
Steve Lodin

Cloud security continues to attract more organizations seeking for better storage, but the prospect of data leakage hold some back from joining the bandwagon. Steve Lodin, Sr. Director of Cyber Operations at Sallie Mae, shares his “golden rules” for introducing it to your organization, advice for a bullet-proof migration, and lessons learned from decades of working in corporate security.

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August 1, 2019

Defending the State of Security

Category Two
episode guest:
Nick Andersen

As CISO of the State of Vermont, Nick Andersen is involved in everything from healthcare to emergency management to academia. He and Brian dive into the crucial priorities for the state, differences between protecting state and business data, and establishing third-party relationships to neutralize risk.

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