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December 17, 2019

Find Your Tribe

Category One
episode guest:
Rick McElroy

Even in an exciting cybersecurity career, long work hours, a seemingly constant sense of urgency, and often high dependency on certain roles can be a cause of extreme stress if not well managed. Rick McElroy, head of Security Strategy at Carbon Black, advocates for mental health resources within the workplace and emphasizes the importance of unplugging, exploring hobbies, and finding your support tribe.

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October 7, 2019

A Teen’s Guide to Building Smart Cyber Habits

Category Three
episode guest:
Athena Contos

Today’s teens interact daily with technology more than ever before. Ease of access to the online world for things such as streaming, social media, and shopping comes with the big responsibility to develop smart computer habits early in life. This episode features the series’ youngest guest to date: seventh grader Athena Contos, who shares personal examples of cyber carelessness, foundational tips for building good habits, and more.

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October 3, 2019

If Not You, Then Who?

Category Two
episode guest:
Parry Aftab

In many ways, cybersecurity is the same way it once was over 20 years ago in terms of risk, only with different devices, activities, and added ways of access. Parry Aftab, who was one of the world’s first cyber lawyers back in the early 90s, shares her work with multiple cyber safety organizations, tips on supporting kids who fall victim to cyberbullying, and being featured in a custom cyber safety Marvel comic.

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