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Verodin Cybersecurity Effectiveness Podcast

Join Verodin CISO Brian Contos as he interviews the foremost experts and thought leaders on the current state of cybersecurity effectiveness.

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Showcasing episodes with some of the best and brightest in the cybersecurity industry.

Oh yeah, they also happen to be women.

In celebration of International women’s day, we bring you in-depth interviews with women in cybersecurity who are paving the way for a better future.

The Director

Katie Billigmeier


After joining Verodin as an intern in 2018 and quickly moving to a full-time marketer, Katie helped form the idea for the podcast series as a way to broaden the perspective around cybersecurity.

When not editing audio or managing the content, she collaborates with the FireEye internal communications team to keep employees engaged and informed.

The Host

Brian Contos

CISO & VP of Technology Innovation

Brian has two decades of experience as an executive, board advisor, entrepreneur, and author.

Brian worked at DISA, Bell Labs, Riptech, ArcSight, Imperva, McAfee, and Solera in over 50 countries, across six continents. He is a regular speaker at Black Hat, BSides, and RSA.

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