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Evidence-based cybersecurity risk assessment to empower CEOS and boards of directors to measure cybersecurity metrics like any other business function.

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Understand ROI

CEOS can now realize full value from the dollars spent on cybersecurity strategy.

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin)provides enterprise CEOs and the Board of Directors with the power to contextualize the impact of cyber risk on the company for the first time. We arm you with quantifiable evidence that pinpoints what systems are leaving assets at risk and how to address it so you can confidently manage and measure your cybersecurity effectiveness.

We enable company leadership with a cybersecurity risk assessment methodology that provides transparency so that CEOs and the Board of Directors can manage their security investments and bring value by:

  • Providing quantifiable data

  • Translating technology information to business speak

  • Creating accountability

  • Delivering confidence to control risk

Manage ROI

CEOs can now manage cybersecurity like any other business function with evidence-based ROI assessments.

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) uses real-time systems testing to generate a cybersecurity performance report based on validated, quantifiable evidence that provides CEOs with the data needed to contextualize the business impact of cyber risk for the first time.

Enhanced Decision-Making

CEOs are enabled to make strategic decisions to protect business-critical assets from cybersecurity threats.

Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) has moved beyond the artificial, like breach and attack simulations, to measure actual impacts so CEOs can prepare for and prevent potentially catastrophic data breaches.

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Starting security validation from scratch?

Chances are you’re ignoring valuable security data that can be gathered via instrumentation. Future-proof your security posture today.

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Advanced Module

Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM)

Add TAAM today to make the latest threat intelligence actionable. Integrates with leading threat intelligence providers and allows for highly detailed threat actor testing within MITRE framework.

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Automate Integration

Information is automatically retrieved and collected from third party threat intel integrations, with consolidated actor profiles.

Perform Tests

Security defenses are tested with the same behaviors used by your adversaries.


Tactics, techniques, and procedures are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Present Results

Gain an accurate understanding of which threat actor groups could compromise your organization.


Automate Testing Against MITRE ATT&CK

By automating MITRE ATT&CK emulations, your team is freed from labor intensive, manual testing. Begin generating results within hours of initial implementation by leveraging our security content library and mapping tools.

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