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Verodin provides Chief Information Security Officers with the evidence needed to "manage up" and report on an organization's systemic cybersecurity risk.

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Environment Management

CISO's can optimize spend based on verified evidence.

Verodin enables CISOs to maximize spend on your security stack by testing your configurations with real cybersecurity attacks, not breach and attack simulations, in the production environment. That means you are able to pinpoint which systems or security tools are leaving assets at risk. We proactively identify configuration issues and expose the risks across your people, processes and technology.

We make the job of CISO easier so that you can manage cybersecurity technology like any other business risk - proactively. We bring value by:

  • Capturing quantifiable evidence for targeting improvements

  • Controlling changes in the environment and acting quickly

  • Creating transparency in operations

  • Optimizing spend based on verified evidence

  • Translating technology information to business speak

Communicate Impact

CISOs are enabled to make informed decisions and communicate with the business.

A business platform that is purpose-built to measure, manage and improve cybersecurity effectiveness, Verodin delivers quantifiable information to help CISOs increase the ROI of existing and future security investments.

Replace Assumptions with Evidence

CISOs can make decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

Verodin provides CISOs with the ability to continuously measure if your security posture is improving or regressing over time and what to do about it. Armed with this information, now you have a holistic and transparent view of what’s working and what’s not.

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Starting instrumentation from scratch?

Chances are you’re ignoring valuable security data that can be gathered via instrumentation. Future-proof your security posture today.

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