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It is critical that businesses have evidence that the controls protecting their critical assets are effective and remain so. Don't assume controls are working correctly.
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"Let’s take the Equifax breach. With Security Instrumentation, we were able to test our controls, understand the gaps and know if we were susceptible to that attack. Instrumentation enables you to validate that you are protecting the organization and report that to executive management."
Leading Texas Healthcare Provider

remove assumptions. prove security.

Practitioners know that you can’t just “set and forget” security products. There is a massive disconnect between out-of-the-box configurations versus potential capability. Every environment is unique, and, if not properly calibrated, organizations can miss out on significant value from security technologies. To add to the complexity, environments are constantly shifting, so there is no guarantee that a control that is working today will remain functional tomorrow. Verodin tightly integrates into the defensive stack and empowers security teams to continuously challenge and verify that every control is functioning as intended.
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Evidence on the state of controls

Verodin's Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) combines test execution with defensive stack integration to produce reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of deployed network, endpoint, email, and cloud controls. SIP's dashboards and reports enable the user to identify high-level areas of weakness and strength, as well as targets for optimization. By removing assumptions and actually testing and challenging controls, organizations can prove which controls are adding value, which can be optimized and which can be removed from the stack.
"Instrumentation is the key to measuring our security effectiveness.  It is integrated into every single aspect of what we do. Now we can show the executives how well we’re doing and how effective the dollars they’ve spent are for the business. They can see the improvement."
SOC Manager
United American Life Insurance, a member of Torchmark Corporation
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A robust test framework based on industry standards

SIP's Open Content Library is extremely robust, driven by community research and completely open and customizable. Verodin's Behavior Research Team (BRT) focuses on weaponizing intelligence and research from the community. Tests are mapped to industry standard models and frameworks, like NIST and MITRE ATT&CK. Users can easily create their own tests and, if they choose, share them with the broader community. This results in unparalleled test coverage, giving users visibility into how their controls are configured and if business goals are being met.

Understanding defenses against the full lifecycle of an attack

Verodin SIP provides visibility into how defenses will prevent, detect and respond to threats across the entire lifecycle of an attack — from initial infection to lateral movement, persistence, and data exfiltration. This visibility is invaluable as it enables users to see what would take place in their environment before an actual incident occurs. Instrumentation provides cybersecurity with the ultimate ability to actually understand the future and change the outcome, all while providing the business with evidence that its most critical assets are protected.

don't assume security.


The Verodin Security Effectiveness Report (SER) uncovered that an average of only 15-20% of attack behaviors are prevented, and, out of those attacks that get blocked, less than 40% have indicators that provide the security team visibility into the attack.

“One of the best reports produced by vendors I’ve seen”
augusto barros
research director, gartner
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