Verodin allows you to

Measure Overall Cybersecurity Effectiveness.

A cybersecurity risk assessment and management platform, Verodin validates that your people, processes, and controls are protecting your critical assets, every day.



Major private and government industries served through instrumentation and validation.



Verodin SIP integrates with a growing list of leading technologies relied upon to deliver security at scale.



Verodin continues to be honored by the cybersecurity industry for technology innovation.

Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Measure cybersecurity risk like any other business function.

Everyone involved in cybersecurity management - from SOC to the CISO to the board room - is being asked to measurably improve and demonstrate the value of security investments across people, process, and technology. Until now, there has been no reliable way to measure risk and the effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions.

Verodin Security Effectiveness DashboardExecutive report screen sample
01     Active Threats

How many attack behaviors will successfully breach our environment undetected?


Average number of attacks infiltrate undetected in the absence of centralized cybersecurity instrumentation.

02     Configuration Risk

How many detected attacks send alerts?


Average # of attacks detected without an alert.

03     Potential Threat

Are we being profiled for an attack?


CISO's lack visibility into potential data loss.

Read the Verodin 2020 Security Effectiveness Report

Business Overview

Meet Verodin SIP and strategically manage your cybersecurity risk.

Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) provides you with the evidence to manage and report on your organization’s systemic cybersecurity risk.

We arm you with the ability to optimize spend on your security stack by testing your configurations with real attacks, not simulations, in the production environment to pinpoint which systems or tools are leaving assets at risk. We proactively identify configuration issues and expose the gaps across your people, processes, and technology.

Meet the technology

Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP)

Generate proof that your dollars being spent on cybersecurity are actually protecting the organization from cybersecurity threats, attacks, and breaches.

Explore the Technology
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250+ Integrations

Verodin SIP manages, measures, and improves leading cybersecurity technologies.

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